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Bayside and Mornington peninsular psychologists

Crossroads Psychology is a trauma informed and inclusive counselling and consultancy practise. We are located in the Southeastern Bayside suburb of Frankston Victoria.

Crossroads Psychology provides a wide range of general and specialty services to meet the needs of families, children, young people and adults. We are passionate about people and dedicated to supporting people in making positive changes in their lives through use of evidence-based practices. Our Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers are highly trained professionals, each boasting decades of experience, who are eager to assist you to achieve your goals in a compassionate and secure environment.

We acknowledge the strength and courage that it requires to seek professional help, and we aim to build safe, trusting and respectful relationships as a foundation of our service. Our practitioners have a range of expertise, training and professional focus, which means that you can work with a practitioner who is an appropriate fit for your needs.

At Crossroads, it is all about you and helping you achieve a brighter future.

Areas of expertise

Meet the Team

Brooke Harris

Principal Psychologist
GradDip AppPsych
B.A (Human Services)

Trauma, Sexual assault including intrafamilial sexual abuse, Institutional abuse, Family violence, Adolescent and Adult Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Veterans mental health and complex trauma. Perinatal Mental health, Parenting, Self-esteem, Gender issues, Young people with problematic or sexually abusive behaviour, Pornography and Sex addiction, Psychological assessments including Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) and Professional Supervision & Consultation.

Brooke is the founder of Crossroads Psychology. She prides herself having developed a trauma informed, culturally inclusive service and professional consultancy in the private sector.

She is a registered psychologist with over 15 years’ experience. She has worked extensively in the public health and forensic sectors as a Senior Clinician, Program Manager, Supervisor, Consultant, Victorian Project Lead for the National Redress Counselling and Cultural healing service, and Veteran’s Mindfulness Australia.

Brooke has presented numerous times at Australasian conferences, advisory panels, developed state-wide guidelines and policy in the area of sexual abuse and trauma treatment, provided consultation and supervision to allied health professionals across the country. Brooke has developed and facilitated group treatment programs for emotional regulation in children and youth, trauma recovery for males’ survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and for sexually abusive behaviour in children and youth and families.

Brooke believes that all people are unique, individual in the context of their lives. As such she takes a personalised, dynamic, and holistic approach to counselling to assist people to achieve their desired outcomes.
Brooke is experienced in working with a broad range of people and their presenting issues, providing trauma informed and culturally inclusive counselling for young people and their families, adults, older adults; psychological assessment; report writing, professional supervision and consultation.

She is passionate about providing assessment and therapy that is evidence based, ethical, flexible, informative and personalised to the individual’s needs. She uses a trauma informed and  inclusive lens drawing on her training and expertise in Psychological Assessment, Trauma Focused Cognitive behavioural therapy (TF-CBT) ,Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) , Narrative Therapy, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Creative Art therapy.

Colette Harrison

GradDip B.Sc (HlthCare)
B.A (SocSc)

Depression, anxiety disorders. Alcohol and other drug addictions, pornography and sex addiction, Relationship issues, stress, Perinatal mental health, parenting, trauma, eating disorders, self-harm, grief and loss. Family violence and gender sexual identity.

Colette Harrison is a registered psychologist with over 15 years’ experience. During her career she has provided services within community-based organisations and in the private sector.

Colette has worked with some of the most vulnerable people in our community and feels privileged to have met some of the most wonderful, courageous people she could imagine.

She has experience in working with adults, adolescents and children, her current focus is mostly working with adults from 18 to 80years. Whilst working from a trauma informed lens, most of her work is focussed on the most experienced problems that people face. She has worked successfully with people experiencing depression, various anxiety disorders, substance use and other addictions, relationship issues, stress, post-natal depression, parenting, trauma (particularly childhood trauma), eating disorders, self-harm and grief or a combination of issues.

Colette has a particular interest in trauma and addiction. She believes that each person has unique abilities and talents and that these strengths can be utilised to assist people to overcome difficulties. Colette works from the basis that our experiences shape our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. Our history influences our emotional and behavioural responses to the events and people in our lives. Sometimes these responses are adaptive and helpful and sometimes they aren’t. She aims to work collaboratively to explore the issues of concern and work towards solutions that are realistic for everyone.

Shanthani Erlich

MSW (Forensic Studies)
Dip Social Science (Justice)

Adolescent and adult depression and anxiety, grief and loss, self-esteem, parenting, gender i and sexual identity issues, bullying, trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, parenting, relationship issues, Professional Supervision.

Shanthani is an accredited mental health social worker who has had over 19 years of experience primarily working with young people in the youth justice, drug and alcohol and sexual assault areas.

Shanthani has a special interest in working with young people and their families.  She has experience in addressing a wide range of issues including trauma, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, protective behaviours, depression, grief and loss issues, parenting and family support. 

She utilises an extensive range of techniques and strategies to address these issues including emotional regulation and relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma based therapy and solution focused techniques.

Shanthani has been working in the sexual assault field for over 10 years. She has provided trauma counselling to sexual assault and family violence victims/survivors of all ages as well providing comprehensive psychosocial assessment and treatments. Her focus was on working with young people who had engaged in sexually abusive and sexually problematic behaviours. Shanthani conducted assessment and treatment within an individual and group setting and applied different interventions and treatment approaches to suit a range of client’s needs and treatment goals.

In her work she has also delivered protective behaviours and body safety to children and young people to reduce and protect them against the impact of sexual assault.
In the past two years Shanthani has been providing external supervision to various government department employees. The supervision focuses on supporting individuals working through issues such as vicarious trauma, career development, workplace challenges and other work related issues. She continues to counsel and support clients in an individual capacity delivering individually based assessments and treatments.

Richard James

Post Grad Dip (Psych)
Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psych)

Depression, anxiety, adjustment issues and role changes: assertive; self-esteem, grief and loss, conflict, anger, workplace issues, psychological and functional assessment.

Richard has over 25 years of experiences working in public health setting working with in public health setting working with adults, young people, children and families. Richard has worked extensively with people from all backgrounds, diversity and life experienced, including neurodevelopmental and cultural diversity.

Richard is a trauma informed practitioner who uses a combination of therapeutic technique including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy.

Richard has a relaxed and friendly manner and recognises the importance of the therapeutic relationship and hope for a future consistent with your need.

Melissah Stubbs

Post Grad Dip in Psychology
Bach of Social Science (Psych)
AHPRA board approved supervisor.

Depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal violence, anger management, sex and pornography addiction, work stress, forensic assessment and treatment, vicarious trauma. Professional supervision, workplace training and consultancy, psychological assessment and counselling/ treatment

Melissah has extensive experience as a psychologist, working with numerous presentations. She has worked as a team leader, state manager and clinical supervisor in previous roles, including a suicide prevention and recovery program.

She has presented at conferences several times here and overseas.

Melissah has worked in the field of sexual assault and family violence with victim/survivors and young people who have displayed sexually harmful behaviours.

She has extensive experience across public and private sectors with a long history within the Department of Justice, providing risk assessment and producing detailed reports to determine risk and treatment outcomes within prisons and Community Corrections.

Her work in Corrections Victoria included working across several prison sites in clinical service teams and drug and alcohol.

She has devised and facilitated many group programs and workshops focusing on mood, anger, conflict resolution, grief and loss, violence, family violence, sexually harmful behaviour, coping with work stress, aggressive customer management and psychological wellbeing.

Additionally, she has worked with Correctional staff providing debriefing to those who work with complex clients such as adult sex offenders and Serious Violent offenders.
She has had extensive experience in the Critical Incident area, workplace training for corporate companies and individual/group supervision.

Melissah has extensive mental health experience gained for her role as senior psychologist at a Forensic Mental Health Secure Unit.

Melissah has engaged a broad range of clients with a wide scope of issues including vicarious trauma, anxiety, depression, family violence, anger management and childhood trauma including sexual assault.

She uses a variety of evidence-based therapy that she individualises to each client or client group. Each include CBT, Narrative therapy, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to name a few.

Alexandra Williams

BA Psychology (Hons)

Assessments: school readiness, cognitive assessment, behavioural/ functional assessment, autism, risk assessments.

Providing therapeutic interventions for social emotional, behaviour and interpersonal issues in children and youth.

Professional consultation and supervision of professionals in the disability and education sectors.

Alexandra Williams studied her degree in London and has been registered as a psychologist since 2005.

She has significant experience in working within disability services and behavioural intervention teams.

Alexandra is passionate about inclusion and has a keen interest in working with children with developmental disabilities.

Alexandra has spent the past 14 years working within the Department of Education and Training as a psychologist and team leader and supervisor.

She has worked with diverse populations in both the disability and school communities, including children and families in primary and secondary education across the peninsula, bayside and Port Phillip areas.

Alexandra has many years of experience in providing formal psychological assessment for learning, school readiness, cognitive functioning, Autism, intellectual difficulties, risk assessments, behavioural assessment, intervention and safety planning.

She is a trauma informed practitioner with extensive experience in both assessment and treatment of social, emotional, behavioural and interpersonal difficulties in children and youth.

Leanne banfield

BBSc (Hons)
MEd (Applied Behav Analysis)

Mental health disorders. Grief and loss, anxiety, depression and trauma related conditions including PTSD and complex PTSD. EMDR therapy

Leanne is an AHPRA registered Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of experience offering evidence-based therapies in community, education and public health settings. Leanne loves to work collaboratively with individuals and draw upon their strengths.  She has a passion for supporting people with mental health difficulties and has expertise in the treatment of grief and loss, anxiety, depression and trauma related conditions including PTSD and complex PTSD. Leanne utilises and draws upon a number of approaches including EMDR therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness to support individuals in their wellness journey.  Outside of work, Leanne enjoys ocean swimming, exploring wineries and reading good books. 

Alice Barrow


Children with emotional, relationship and behavioural difficulties, parenting work, adolescent and adult : anxiety and depression, stress and anger management, relationship issues, grief and loss. Perinatal Mental Health.

Alice is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 10 years working in the public and private mental health sector. Alice has extensive experience providing individual and group therapy for children, young people and adults. Alice has enjoyed a range of therapeutic and consultancy roles and is passionate about early intervention and developing programs within the education system to nurture the emotional development and wellbeing of children and young people.

Alice works from a strengths based, trauma informed perspective, seeing each person as having intrinsic qualities that can be emboldened to bring positive change. Understanding people within the context of their relationships to family, friends, culture and spirituality forms the centre of Alice’s therapeutic support. Viewing people as the experts in the own lives, Alice works alongside her clients to identify areas of struggle with an emphasis on cultivating a unique sense of self compassion and resilience.

Alice likes to bring a flexible and creative approach to her counselling sessions to meet individual needs. She utilises a variety of techniques and strategies from her training in a range of therapeutic interventions, including – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness and Play Based Therapy.

Deeva Richardson

MClin Family Therapy
Gottman Relationship Counselling Level 2

Pre and Perinatal mental health. Parent and Infant psychotherapy. Attachment focused family therapy and parenting support. Couples Counselling. Adverse Childhood Experiences, Sexual Assault, Family Violence, Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Depression.

Deeva is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Clinical Family Therapist and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She has over 10 years of post- graduate experience specialising in individuals and families, trauma, attachment, grief and loss.

Deeva works holistically with her clients, therefore always viewing an individual in the context of their family, social networks, community, society and culture.

Deeva has a special interest in Attachment and Mindfulness-based therapies such as Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems and compliments this with evidence-based practices such as CBT, MBCT and ACT. She uses creative approaches such as movement, music and art to support people in connecting with their resources, regulating their nervous system and healing the wounds of stress and trauma.

Deeva is passionate about supporting individuals through the many different transitions in life, in particular the transition into parenthood as this can be an exciting yet challenging time for many. She provides a nurturing space for clients so that they feel safe in exploring and processing their vulnerabilities and strengths and collaboratively find ways to optimise their mental health.

Amanda Lamont

BSSc (Psychology)
BA (Hons) Psychology
Dpsych (Clinical)

Adolescent and adult depression and anxiety. Parenting support. Relationship issues (family, partner, parent/child). Trauma. Sleep support. Stress and anger management. Grief and loss. Self-harm. Bullying. Perinatal Mental Health. Sexual and gender identity. Alcohol and other drug addictions. Self-esteem, Communication.


Assessments: Cognitive assessments, risk assessments.

Amanda is a registered Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years experience working in the public and private mental health sector. Amanda has experience providing individual, dyad, family and group therapy to children, young people and adults. Amanda has worked for several years with high risk adolescents and their families conducting thorough assessments and providing brief to long term therapeutic support. She is passionate about supporting adolescents and adults experiencing mental health conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety); relationship challenges; drug and alcohol addiction; and individuals struggling with changes in life circumstances.

Amanda works from a  strength-based, trauma informed perspective and places a high level of importance in the therapeutic relationship. Amanda embodies a flexible approach to her counselling sessions and aims to work in collaboration with clients to provide evidenced based, individualised support. Amanda believes that everyone can benefit from having a safe, non-judgemental space to explore life’s transitions and challenges, and she welcomes the opportunity to work with people from a range of different backgrounds and experiences.

Amanda utilises a variety of techniques and strategies from her training in a range of therapeutic interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and a range of Attachment and relationally-based interventions.

Sophie Gilmore


Adult PTSD, CPTSD, Attachment Disorders, Trauma, Sexual assault, Family violence

Sophie is an accredited mental health social worker with a decade of dedicated experience in the area of sexual assault and family violence counselling.

Sophie’s commitment to her clients is underscored by her specialisation in working with adults who have experienced childhood trauma, and abuse. Her empathetic approach enables her to create a safe environment, fostering a space where clients can explore their past and present, paving the way for a brighter and more empowered future.

Sophie utilises a wide range of techniques and strategies to address issues, particularly, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive behavioural therapy (TF-CBT), Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

As a respected figure in the field, Sophie is an advocate for raising awareness about the profound impact of childhood experiences on adult lives. Her mission extends beyond the therapy room, as she strives to contribute to a society that embraces healing, growth, and resilience.

Ursula Silverstone

BA (Hons)
BPsych (Hons)
MPsych (Clinical)

Adolescents and adults’ experiencing depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties (family, partner, parent/child), stress and anger management, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, communication, and difficulties adjusting to changes in life circumstances. 

Ursula is a registered general psychologist and clinical registrar. Ursula has experience working in the private and public mental health sector. She is currently also working in the public sector with high-risk adolescents and their families conducting thorough assessments and providing short to medium term therapeutic support.

Ursula has experience providing individual, dyadic, and family therapy to adolescents and adults. Ursula is passionate about working with adolescents and adults’ experiencing depression and anxiety, relationship difficulties (family, partner, parent/child), stress and anger management, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, communication, and difficulties adjusting to changes in life circumstances. 

Ursula brings a warm, genuine, and collaborative approach to working with clients. She places great importance on the therapeutic relationship and creating a safe, comfortable, and nurturing space in which clients can feel encouraged to bring their whole selves to therapy, develop a deeper understanding of their experiences, and learn ways to reduce their distress.

Ursula draws on a variety of techniques and strategies and evidence-based therapeutic techniques and strategies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and a range of attachment and relationally based interventions.

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